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Air-conditioning and Refrigeration are a necessity in the day-to-day operations of many industries. Based in Cornwall, we provide tailored engineering solutions to meet the demands of your business.

Chillflow delivers comprehensive, specialist engineering solutions. From design, supply and installation, to service, maintenance and ongoing life-cycle support. We tailor demand-led, integrated services to meet your requirements and help you overcome the variety of challenges your organisation faces.

Our dedicated and vastly experienced team can provide solutions for all of your refrigeration and air-conditioning requirements for the Commercial, Marine and Industrial sectors.

We often work in high-pressure environments where there’s no room for error, and we always deliver. Put simply; we are 100% committed to providing the best, most suitable and cost-effective engineering solutions — no matter what.

Latest News

Chillflow cooling for ice-breaker

Chillflow Solutions has designed and installed a bespoke R449A-based marine refrigeration system for a 65m ice-breaker and super yacht, operating on high efficiency BITZER Ecoline compressors.

The ocean-going vessel required a reliable replacement refrigeration system to serve its onboard cold room, freezer and garbage store. Use of an off-the-shelf replacement pack was ruled out due to space restrictions, and the distance between the pack, cold rooms and condensers. The system also required 100% redundancy to ensure continuity of cooling in the unlikely event of a breakdown at sea. 

Chillflow Solutions designed a bespoke solution with support from BITZER UK. The resulting system, built at Chillflow’s Redruth site, has a capacity of 12kW and is based on two Ecoline semi-hermetic compressors operating on a run and stand-by basis, each able to cover the cooling load and operating with a condensing temperature of 45°C.

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Lifecycle Support

Specialist Training

Why work with Chillflow Solutions?

Expert Engineers

Our team of experienced expert engineers design and fit tailored engineering solutions to suit the needs of your business. Our unrivalled expertise and ever-growing customer base are testaments to our hard work and passion for the industry.

We handpick individuals who possess the vital experience, skills and qualifications needed to succeed within our specialist area of the engineering sector. The quality and dedication of our team speak volumes about Chillflow as an engineering solutions provider and our position as an industry leader.

Are you an expert engineer looking for a new challenge? Check out our careers page to see our current vacancies.

Equipment & Maintenance

Our team provides the best, most up-to-date equipment to ensure the smooth running of your business. Combined with professional maintenance to prevent delays, downtime or any other issues. We offer a wide range of top-tier applications and products designed to maximise productivity and efficiency — therefore aiding the growth and success of your business.

The outstanding quality of our equipment and diligent maintenance provide a complete service. This has helped Chillflow Solutions establish a stellar reputation within a highly competitive sector. We can help you identify aspects of your business that require improvement, then provide the tools and knowledge needed to enhance your daily operations.

Design & Training

Chillflow Solutions offers a bespoke, complete design service for new installations to ensure we consider and accommodate the specific requirements of your business. We maximise output without impacting lead times or quality. With our help, your business will thrive. We also provide in-depth training courses to help you and your team familiarise yourself with our equipment and gain the ability to use it as effectively and safely as possible.

Our Clients

At Chillflow Solutions, we believe that our engineers’ expertise and vast experience — among several other factors — are what set us apart from other companies. With this in mind, recruitment is vital for evolution, longevity and achieving our goal of being the best engineering solutions provider in Cornwall, the UK and beyond.

Below are our current vacancies, but please be sure to visit our careers page to learn more. 

ISO 9001_UKAS_URS - Chillflow solutions accreditation

Chillflow Solutions Limited hold UKAS IMS Certification for Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO45001.

This demonstrates Chillflow Solutions’ commitment to QHSE now, and into the future, with the key focus on constant improvement. We strive to ensure the best quality service to our clients.


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